What is this Yoga?

Calm            Peace             Harmony           Relaxation              Contentment


“Yoga helps us to create harmony between body and mind”. This is a phrase that you will often hear used to explain what yoga is.

You may well think, “But how does yoga do that and surely that’s a big ask when I first step on the mat as a new, or even experienced, yogi?”

You’ll see from this approach to answering the question, that I’m what I call a ‘practical yogi’. Along with my love of the philosophical meaning of yoga, I have a practical head that wants to explain how this philosophy translates in our daily practice, and how yoga is accessible to all.

Yoga started a long time ago as a ‘story’ that was passed on from teacher to student. In this story the mind is described as ‘a jumping monkey’. One of the schools of philosophical thought in yoga believes that by calming the body, we can calm the mind, and the ‘jumping monkey’ is therefore stilled.

‘Hatha Yoga’ is the general umbrella term for the physical practices of yoga, including physical poses (asana), breath techniques (pranayama) and relaxation techniques, which can help us calm the body and as a result the mind. Under the umbrella of ‘Hatha Yoga’ there are different styles of yoga, for example, Vinyasa, Ashtanga and so on.

Through practice it is said we may then come to ‘Raja Yoga’, a higher meditative state of yoga. We may or may not ever reach Raja Yoga. It doesn’t matter!

Your yoga practice is your own and what you take from your practice is wherever your personal journey takes you.

There is no age, shape, size, gender, height or culture to yoga. There is no competition. What is lovely about yoga is that you practice at the level that is right for you. This simply means coming each time to your mat and listening to how your body and mind feels today. What a wonderful gift!

My classes are general Hatha Yoga -my teaching includes influences of different styles of Hatha Yoga, rather than just one style. I introduce little touches of the philosophy of yoga as we go along… as well as some normal fun ‘chat’ to make our practice relevant to today:)

I look forward to welcoming you on this lovely journey that is Yoga.

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