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You enter Gill’s class one person and you leave another. Just seeing her and listening to her, relaxes you. She puts real effort into preparing each class, so that it is different every time and the practice is never dull or boring. The level that you want to achieve is entirely up to you, and there in no pressure to do anything that is beyond your possibility. Great for the body and the soul. Daphna
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Gill is a fabulous teacher whose love of yoga radiates from her. Her classes are beautifully constructed and taught from the heart. She takes into consideration any limitations her students may have and modifies accordingly. I highly recommend, her classes are fantastic for both body and soul. Dora
I love going to Gills classes. They are different every time and always make me feel fantastic afterwards. Highly recommended. Rebekah


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Gill is a great ambassador for yoga. She is a calm, professional and very proficient teacher. Her classes are varied but always tailored for the individuals taking part.
Gill makes yoga enjoyable and I would thoroughly recommend her classes to anyone who may be interested in the health benefits that good yoga practice brings. Mary
Gill’s yoga classes are a joy to be part of, her knowledge and passion are clear as she calmly guides you through a workout for the mind and body. I left feeling refreshed and reinvigorated with a renewed commitment to practising yoga. Audrey

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