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  • General Hatha Yoga Class (includes influences from different styles of yoga)
  • Detailed instruction as you go along
  • Classes include guided breath techniques & relaxation

In yoga we begin from where we are right now

My classes emphasise what Iyengar is quoted as saying, “Come to your mat every time as though it’s your first, no matter how long you have been practising”.

Explore how your body and mind feels from the moment you come to your mat. By practising this mindful yoga, we can observe how body and mind feels in the present moment and practise accordingly. 

When body and mind are in tune, we practise our asana at the level right for us right now in this moment -not too easy, not too difficult -just the correct level for us right at this precise moment. 

What makes yoga different?

Desikachar expresses it well:

“However beautifully we carry out an asana, however flexible our body may be, if we do not achieve the integration of body, breath, and mind we can hardly claim that what we are doing is yoga. What is yoga after all? It is something that we experience inside, deep within our being. Yoga is not an external experience. In yoga we try in every action to be as attentive as possible to everything we do.

Yoga is different to dance or theatre. In yoga we are not creating something for others to look at. As we perform the various asanas we observe what we are doing and how we are doing it. We do it only for ourselves. We are both observer and what is observed at the same time. If we do not pay attention to ourselves in our practice, then we cannot call it yoga.”

(The Heart of Yoga, T.K.V. Desikachar)

  • I’m not currently running any attending or online group classes.

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